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“All eating is communion, feeding the soul as well as the body. Our cultural habit of eating 'fast food' reflects our current belief that all we need to take into ourselves, both literally and figuratively, is plain food, not food of real substance and not the imagination of real dining.” — Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

Why Your Health Symptoms Could Be Diet Related

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Posted: Fri, Jul 3, 2015
By: Danielle Heard, MS, HHC
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The importance of diet and nutrition has been scientifically proven and documented. It plays such a key role in body metabolism and function, that it is taught in required medical degree program coursework, such as anatomy and physiology and biochemistry, in order to train future health and medical professionals. Why then is this critical component of health almost never considered when people seek professional medical help for various ailments and health symptoms?

Because nutrition is most often not investigated or discussed during a medical examination, people continue to suffer unnecessarily with debilitating and chronic health issues that sometimes leads to death. Never trying dietary change or the implementation of essential nutrients, some people have endured many medical procedures, surgeries and medications without benefit, while others were helped temporarily only to have their condition with symptoms return.

Proper nutrition is essential for good health. Research studies have shown that people who eat healthy diets are able to maintain ideal body weight, build healthy muscle tissues, develop strong bones and teeth, have greater sexual function and fertility, and they also tend to have clear beautiful skin and hair. In addition to having a more beautiful physical appearance, people who eat healthy diets have also been found to have a more positive attitude, be more mentally alert, have more physical energy and are able to resist illnesses, infections and diseases. Healthy diets are also linked with higher intelligence.

Most people eat food to satisfy their hunger. They also eat to satisfy their emotional state, and food is often the center of many of their social activities. People typically give very little thought to the quality of their food beyond the way it tastes. However, many of the foods are harmful as they trigger immunological reactions that cause inflammation. They also contain harmful ingredients and generate free radicals which disrupt homeostasis, damage cells and cause disease. Many of the foods are also void of essential nutrients that are necessary for many of the body’s metabolic functions.

For example, water is one of the most important nutrients of the body. It serves as the medium for the body’s many metabolic reactions and also is an important nutrient that facilitates many reactions. The mass of a lean adult body consists of 55-60% water. On average, the body requires 2-3 liters of water per day. This is approximately 68-101 ounces of water per day. People can survive without food for weeks but death can occur without water in a matter of days. Instead of filling their body with one of the most important nutrients necessary for metabolic functioning, many people choose to fuel it with chemicals and sugar which disrupts metabolic reactions and homeostasis. It is unfortunate but something as simple as drinking water is often overlooked in medical examinations and people continue to have health problems when their health would improve if they just drank more water.

But water is not the only nutrient that is important. There are many essential nutrients that are required by the body and that must be obtained through diet such as essential fatty acids, specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Minerals are important and play a major role in regulating enzymatic reactions and serve as catalysts. Minerals help control body pH, osmosis of water, generate nerve impulses, and are involved in the production of ATP (energy).

Vitamins are also required for body metabolism and growth. Most vitamins act as coenzymes and they must be obtained through food as very few can be synthesized by the body. Many health problems and symptoms can result from vitamin deficiencies. For example, a Vitamin A deficiency can cause drying of the cornea, night blindness, blindness, immune system disorders, dry skin and hair, ear, sinus, respiratory, urinary and digestive system infections, as well as poor development of bones and teeth. A Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) deficiency can cause scurvy, anemia, poor collagen formation and collagen diseases, periodontal disease, connective tissue degeneration, impaired wound healing, hemorrhages, bruising and weakened bones. B Vitamins are also critical and without them many serious heath problems can result. A Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) deficiency can cause gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, pain, numbing sensations and paralysis.

Many people suffer from serious health issues and they continue because no significant change has been made to improve their body’s biochemistry through nutrition. When people feel bad, changing their diet is the last thing they want to do because in an emotionally depressed state of feeling bad, most people want comfort from the foods that they are emotionally attached to and that gives them pleasure. Even friends and relatives cook foods, bake cakes and make sugary desserts in an effort to cheer their sick loved one without understanding the damaging effects of food that can be fatal. For people who are chronically ill and frail, eating foods that are complicated, unnatural, processed and acid forming further stresses their body, disrupts homeostasis, causes inflammation and further advances their disease. Certainly, comfort of any kind should be given to those who are dying, but if there is a will to live then the quality of food and nutrition is critical.

If you or someone you love is experiencing health problems, your health symptoms could be diet related. Don’t suffer unnecessarily when dietary changes are relatively simple to make. The implementation of nutrition and health strategies is key to bringing your body back into balance, improving metabolic functioning and healing. Diet and nutrition therapies should be among the first health strategies implemented when faced with any type of illness or disease. A healthy nutrient dense diet is also essential in preventing disease and maintaining a healthy body. Every person benefits from essential nourishing foods.

A clinical nutritionist can help you develop a personalized diet and lifestyle plan through an in-depth nutrition assessment with diagnostic testing. Advanced functional medicine diagnostic testing is available now which can help assess metabolic functioning of the body through status of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, organic acids, gastrointestinal function and gut dysbiosis, heavy metals and other toxins, oxidative stress markers and hormone imbalances. The testing can identify root causes of health issues as it measures intermediates that are generated through the various metabolic pathways. These pathways require nutritional cofactors to function properly and abnormal results help identify more specifically the health problem which needs to be addressed. This allows for more precision in nutrition therapies to address nutrition deficiencies and imbalances. Please contact me to find out more about my clinical and functional nutrition services.

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Your Health Symptoms Could Be Diet Related

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